Easter Nests

Easter baking fun this week with the most simple and delicious recipe for Easter. This is a great one for doing with kids; lots of smashing, scrunching and mixing and very little to go wrong – not too much mess, either! I always think a plate of cute little Easter nests is such a sweet addition to a tea table and as much of a necessity as a hot cross bun at Easter! The shredded wheat can be substituted for any cereal you like really, just keep adding a bit at a time until the chocolate coating is at the desired consistency.

I thought I’d add this one early so you have time to buy all the necessary ingredients before Easter weekend hits us!

Chocolate Easter Nests


100g dark chocolate
4 shredded wheat biscuits (around 100g)
Mini eggs


  1. Line a muffin or cupcake tin with paper liners. It’s really up to you how many cakes you want to make – I reckon about 10 with small fairy cake cases, shredded wheat makes a fairly dense nest!
  2. Break up the chocolate and melt in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water. Keep stirring until it’s completely melted.
  3. Scrunch up the shredded wheat in its wrapper carefully, to keep all the bits inside. Alternatively, place shredded wheat biscuits in a bowl and smash ’em with a wooden spoon! You need nice small pieces, just like little twiggy, nesty sticks.
  4. Once your chocolate’s melted, carefully remove the bowl from the saucepan and add the shredded wheat; keep squishing it and stirring it until it’s covered with chocolate. Don’t worry if it takes a little while, you don’t want to cake the shredded wheat with too much chocolate, but 100g will give you plenty of coverage, just keep stirring!
  5. Drop even spoonfuls of the chocolate mixture into your paper cases.
  6. Add your mini eggs – push them into the centre so that when the nests set, the eggs are securely held by the shredded wheat. I like three eggs in each nest, and there’s always volunteers for the leftovers…!
  7. Pop the tray into the fridge to set the nests for about 20 minutes.
  8. You’ll want to remove the tray well before eating, cold nests tend to be rock solid!
  9. Display these pretty treats on a plate for everyone to enjoy.

Happy Easter!